Made with Non-GMO Ingredients

The juice and cleanses designed by Lizzy Jays Juice contain only the best natural ingredients for living a healthy lifestyle while purifying the body of harmful toxins. Our cold pressed juices are high pressure processed for amazing freshness and have zero preservatives. Each juice is made with the freshest and non-GMO ingredients providing the best juice cleanse.

LizzyJays Fresh Cold-Pressed Goodness

All of Lizzy Jays juices are cold-pressurized (meaning heat is never used) to give you maximum raw, liquid nutrition. Once it’s bottled up, LizzyJays juice goes through a cold, water-pressure method called High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP uses extremely high water pressure (pressure roughly enough to equal the water pressure at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean) to kill the most dangerous foodborne bacteria that can cause illnesses. But because HPP does not use high temperatures, the taste, color, texture and nutritional values of the juice is preserved. This processes ensures that our juices are safe for you and your family to drink (pathogens are removed) without losing any vitamins, minerals or live enzymes.

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