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Lizzy Jay’s Retreats are offered at beautiful destinations all over the world. Now is the time to live your most authentic, passionate, courageous, empowered, sacred, high-vibe, radiant, fabulous, fun, juicy life.

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About the Retreat

LizzyJays Retreats are a one-of-a-kind experience combining Fresh Pressed Juices and Cleanses with Yoga, Fitness, Mindfulness and Fun. You will receive support and tools to live your most authentic, radiant, empowered and juicy life. Our Juicy Life Retreats include:

Juice & Food cleanses
Nurturing Yoga
Mindfulness Tools
Invigorating Fitness
Guided Ohm Meditation
Juicy Fun!

“We are heart-centered women with a passion for sharing information and inspiration to help others be their very best. One of the gifts our partnership brings is the ability to balance the sacred aspects of reflection and transformation with a playful attitude that allows participants to enjoy the process. Questions are encouraged. Laughter is welcomed. Tears of joy and letting go are honored.”

"We have both been teaching and facilitating mind-body practices for over 20 years, and we would love to share our most juicy tips for health, radiance and empowerment with you!

Casey Sabol Founder LizzyJays Juice, Fitness Specialist
Chara Rodriguera Creator of Sol Path Yoga and the Optimal and Dream Life Programs

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A perfect juice for everyone.

The juice and cleanses designed by LizzyJays contain only the best natural ingredients for living a healthy lifestyle. All of our cold pressed juices are high pressure processed for amazing freshness and have zero preservatives. Each juice is made with the freshest and non-GMO ingredients providing the best juice cleanse.

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