Why Cleanse

Why Cleanse?

If you take a few moments to think about the foods you consume on a daily basis, the environment in which you live and work, and even the air that you breathe, it can be a little daunting. No one is perfect, and while our bodies are incredibly resilient, toxicity manifests in a wide array of health conditions, which includes everything from weight gain, fatigue, aches and allergies to chronic illness and disease.

Give Your Body A Break

One of the biggest misconceptions is that only fast-food junkies are in need of detoxifying their systems. But the truth is, even those of us who keep clean diets filled with whole foods need to give our digestive system a break. Every time you eat, it takes 18 hours before your body eliminates that one meal. The more unnatural, processed “foods” we feed our body, the less our body is actually able eliminate, leaving toxic residue inside each of our systems that needs to be cleared out. Juice cleansing is an optimal way to give our bodies a deserved break, while also maintaining energy levels and staying nutritionally satisfied. Raw, fruit and vegetable juice provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients which are easily assimilated straight into the bloodstream, simultaneously hydrating our bodies with the pure water that comes straight from the plants. This water contains elements absorbed directly from the earth and sun and energizes our systems in a most unique and important way.

Balance pH

Research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, it cannot heal itself or effectively absorb vitamins and minerals. When we consume processed foods, alcohol, coffee, sugar, etc., we create an acidic environment in our bodies. This acidic environment is a breeding ground for cancer-cells and other disease causing agents. Cleansing boosts the oxygen levels in the blood and helps balance our pH levels.

Eliminate Toxins

Your immune system and health depend on a healthy elimination of toxins from your body to prevent illnesses. Studies show that over 90% of diseases can be attributed directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive system. Through cleansing, your body’s organs can remove some of the acidic sludge and toxins.

Boost Energy

Free up extra energy in your body to focus on deep inner healing and nurturing. At LizzyJays we believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey, as long as you have a healthy vehicle that functions at its optimal level. Think of your cleanse with us as the finest tune-up you can get. Expect to complete your cleanse feeling clear, optimistic and rejuvenated on the inside, and radiant and lean on the outside.

Results of a Cleanse

Cleansing, if done properly, can help reverse physical imbalances and excess weight caused by accumulation of toxic materials that the body simply cannot metabolize. In our culture, the way we typically eat, drink and medicate causes waste to accumulate and settle very deeply in the cells over decades. A cleanse can help remove this accumulation and open up vital pathways to restore that natural alkaline balance that promotes health and well-being.

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