Made with Non-GMO Ingredients

The juice and cleanses designed by Lizzy Jays Juice contain only the best natural ingredients for living a healthy lifestyle while purifying the body of harmful toxins. Our cold pressed juices are high pressure processed for amazing freshness and have zero preservatives. Each juice is made with the freshest and non-GMO ingredients providing the best juice cleanse.

  • Almonds

    Rich source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Riboflavin.

  • Carrot

    Power packed with Vitamin A, carrots boost the immune system and help improve liver function

  • Celery

    Soothes the nervous system and helps alleviate bones & joint pain

  • Filtered Water

    Reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease and boosts the immune system

  • Lemon

    Bursting with Vitamin C and bioflavonoid which help purify the liver

  • Pineapple

    Helps boost the digestive process and helps reduce inflammation

  • Spinach

    Vitamin A enriched, which replenishes and purifies the blood

  • Apple

    Excess body heat reducer and helps lower cholesterol, lead and mercury levels within the body

  • Dates

    Relives constipation, intestinal disorders, and heart problems.

  • Cinnamon

    Helps boost blood flow and reduces fatigue

  • Ginger

    Excellent circulation and digestion boosters, alleviates gas, nausea and inflammation

  • Beet

    Full body cleanser, natural tonic for the liver and provides the body with a high source of energy

  • Cayenne

    Rich source of potassium, calcium and Vitamin A, B, C & E which helps improve digestion system

  • Cucumber

    Cleanses the blood, helps exfoliate the skin and removes excess body heat

  • Kale

    Rich in sulfur, calcium, iron and Vitamin A, assists in the digestive process and heals ulcers

  • Parsley

    Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, iron enriched and assists the urinary system

  • Sea Salt

    Helps build a strong immune and digestive system, and acts as a sleep aid

  • Watermelon

    Strong source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants

  • Mint

    Purifies the liver, helps alleviate excess body heat and removes unwanted body rashes

  • Romaine

    High source of fiber and cellulose which improves digestion and helps with long term weight loss

  • Vanilla

    Natural antioxidant and helps boost circulation