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Best Green Juice I've ever tasted! I've tried many others but nothing compares to the fresh taste of these juices. The 3 Day Cleanse made me feel better than I have ever felt!
Anna, Washington DC
LizzyJays juices provide the perfect complement to mind/body fitness and holistic wellness. As owners of Lotus Mind & Body, a yoga and Pilates studio in Bernardsville, NJ, we recommend fresh pressed juices to our clients as a healthy way to create optimal health through nutrition. After trying many brands, we know that LizzyJays provides the best tasting cold pressed juices anywhere in our area, with the highest level of live enzymes and nutrients. We're hooked on LizzyJays Pure Greens (and Watermelon Cooler in the summer for the high antioxidant levels!) and have seen improvements in our skin texture, joints/mobility and digestion. Their 3-Day Cleanse is a must each season!
Pam and Susan, Bernardsville (Owners, Lotus Mind & Body)
I do a 3 day cleanse every season but also love doing a 1 day cleanse whenever I feel the need. After each cleanse I am so much more aware of my eating habits. During and after a cleanse - I feel the lightness and energy that comes with treating my body with pure fresh nutrients. I have had people comment on how good my skin looks when cleansing -and I must say my skin has a healthy glow to it during a cleanse. Cleanses for me are an amazing tool to get me back on track both physically and mentally. For me cleansing is not just a cleanse for my health but it also cleanses my spirit by helping me to hit the reset button and get back to taking care of myself amongst all of life’s daily pressures.
Jeanette, Far Hills
As a fitness studio owner/instructor and busy mom of 2 toddlers, I strive to develop the art of balancing a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule. LizzyJays' Juice speaks my language! Best of all, these delicious, fresh-tasting blends can be conveniently packaged and delivered to my home or studio. I genuinely enjoy drinking every single juice. LizzyJays' Juice exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to a group cleanse soon!
Nora, Livingston (Owner, Barre3)
LizzyJays Juice is the freshest and most delicious tasting juice around. To boot, the entire team provides customer service that is second to none. In addition to being kind and professional, they treat their customers very well! Best
Kristen, Basking Ridge
Lizzy Jays Juice is the best I’ve had; you can tell it’s made fresh daily & delivered right away. My husband and I are extremely health conscious and have researched a lot of brands. We appreciate the fact there aren’t any additives or preservatives in Lizzy Jays Juice; there’s a reason for a shorter shelf life than the juice you see in the supermarkets. It’s just the juice! And our toddlers even love it. The crisp greens and smooth cashew are family favorites!
Angela, Red Bank (Owner, CrossFit Salus)